052516 – Assuming We Survive

Assuming We Survive has had an amazing year since their last visit on Under the Covers with Mark and KaoticRadio.Com. I’m not saying it is the result of having been on the show, but… LOL Seriously, these guys go about cultivating a fanbase the right way. Listen to the interview and you’ll learn how they do it. As proof, we took calls from all over the country from their fans as they sang their praises. It’s only to be that much more difficult to interview them the next time they come in as they are dropping a new album in just a couple of weeks and are heading out to do the entire Warped Tour!!! I had the pleasure of playing two World Premiere tracks off the new album, “Home Is Where The Heart Is” and “Exit At The Door.”

 Assuming We Survive

112515 – Rockstars of Tomorrow

Woah!  This was one heck of a special edition of Under the Covers with Mark.  We squeezed in 6 different artists from Rockstars of Tomorrow – Norco – to perform live on the show.  Sure it took and extra 1/2 hour to get it done, but was it worth it!!!!  Each artist, Minor Strut, BriannaContinue Reading

102815 – Porcelain Hill and Bigg Dane & Beale’s Texas BBQ

If ever there was an Under the Covers with Mark that made you hungry for more, it was this one.  Not only did Porcelain Hill come in studio to perform LIVE, but Bigg Dane and Brett Beale from Bigg Dane & Beale’s Texas BBQ came in to discuss what truly good (scratch that), great BBQContinue Reading

101415 – Delta Rose

This was the 4th Anniversary Show of Under the Covers with Mark and the triumphant return of Delta Rose to KaoticRadio.Com.  It is always a fun time with the DR boys in studio.  Great laughs and great LIVE music.  It’s now all yours for the listening.

090215 – Man3 Faces & Mike Cano

Man3 Faces came in to promote his album “2 Face” and I gotta say it’s gonna be tough for you tell when he is performing LIVE or when we are playing a recorded track.  He absolutely crushes his deliveries.  We talked about all kinds of topics with Man3 Faces and comedian Mike Cano and laughsContinue Reading

070815 – The Mendenhall Experiment

Not only did The Mendenhall Experiment make it back in studio as a full compliment of the band to perform live, but I had the distinction of doing an impromptu interview with Nick J Townsend from Weak 13 and Debbie Stewart from Kings Promotions as they spent a bit of their holiday in the states.Continue Reading

071515 – Rope In Hand and Mike Cano

A new genre was coined on this show… Punktry!!!  And that is all thanks to Rope In Hand as they came in a played their originals and a few covers LIVE in studio, blending their roots in traditional country and punk.  Not only were they playing live, we had one hell of a funny interviewContinue Reading

061715 – OCML (John Safari) – Featuring Chad Martini

My boys from OCML (Orange County Music League), John Safari and Chad Martini, drop on in to say hi, continue their push to end Pay-to-Play in not just Orange County but Southern California, and have Chad perform LIVE in studio some of his original tunes. On top of Chad performing live, we play some tracksContinue Reading

060315 – Gypsies & Judges

Do you like Jazz? Lounge? Blues?  Then Gypsies & Judges will hit your wheelhouse with what I like to call their jazzy lounge blues.  You’ll find yourself grooving and wanting to classify their genre as well, but you’ll just end up classifying them as talented… which is ultimately what I ended up doing, especially afterContinue Reading

052015 – The Iricons

The Iricons came back for round 2 of Under the Covers with Mark and they brought a surprisingly softer side to the music and showing some music diversity.  I know you’ll you enjoy it the way those of us that were listening live did.  Don’t let that fool you though, because the interviews and phone-insContinue Reading