041515 – The Mendenhall Experiment

The Mendenhall Experiment came in and we took phone calls, talked about how they came to be, and rocked some tracks off the CD.  These guys bring it but they also give it back by creating awareness for those with disabilities.  Sit back and enjoy!  

021115 – AG (Adrian Gamboa)

AG (Adrian Gamboa) is a young man stepping up and spitting some serious flow.  Not only does he write his own lyrics, he creates his own beats for his songs… No cookie cutter hooks here.  On this show, you will hear some of his produced tracks and LIVE performances.  And people thought hip hop was justContinue Reading

040815 – Inside Riot

Inside Riot came in and rocked the KaoticRadio.Com studio with a precursor to LIVE performance before opening up for 3 Days Grace at The Riverside Municipal Auditorium.  You need to listen and find out why you should have been there!

010715 – The Noir

The Noir came in to start off the new year of Under the Cover with Mark by playing LIVE original and cover tunes.  It is truly hard not to like their sound and what they have going on.  I can’t wait for their CD to drop in the coming months.  Until then, listen to them…Continue Reading

121714 – Mota Family & Mike Cano

Holy Cow!!!  This show had everything… LIVE music, comedy, interviews, and an early tasting of the soon to be released Don Juan Tequila!  This is a MUST listen from top to bottom.  You’ll kick yourself if you tap out early.

121014 – Blissful Legacies & Mike Cano

Oh – My – Goodness!!! This show was a GREAT one.  Not only did Blissful Legacies come in and lay down some great acoustic tunes, but comedian Mike Cano came in and pushed the conversation into the realm of hilarity.  Do yourself a favor and listen to this show.  Oh yeah, how can I forgetContinue Reading

100314 – Porcelain Hill

Showing that they truly are kings of that Porcelain Hill, Darnell, Natalie, and Jordan, they stepped up on short notice but were long on great LIVE tunes.  Listen in and enjoy!

112614 – Foxhunt

Thanksgiving Eve has never sounded SO tasty!  Foxhunt came in and delivered a 7 course meal of original songs, therefore it’s only right that you get a chance to get a second helping of them through the podcast.  Listen until your full; this music meal doesn’t have any calories.

101514 – Kassandra Castaneda

Look out, there’s a rising star and she can be heard right here!!!  That’s right, Kassandra Castaneda came on Under the Covers with Mark and let put the world on notice.  I have no doubt that Kassandra will be finding her way onto all kinds of mass media before too long.  Until then, listen rightContinue Reading

111914 – Just Like Priest

Frank Casciato and Mikey Stone from Just Like Priest came into to stretch their boundaries a bit and do The Metal Gods, Judas Priest, justice with a couple of acoustic songs.  Great guests, great call-ins, and LIVE acoustic metal music!  What more could you possibly want?  Listen and be blown away when Frankie hits thoseContinue Reading